• Dodge Tigear2 Gearbox Speed Reducer 23QZ20H14, 20:1, 1.4375"D Bore 143-145 Frame
    Dodge Tigear2 Right Angle Gearbox Speed Reducer Model # 23QZ20H14 This unit is lightly used(if at all) and ready for action!!! Input Diameter: 0.875" (7/8) Output Bore Diameter: 1.4375" (1-7/16) Ratio: 20:1 Max Torque Out (LB-IN): 1178 Max HP In: 2 Check out the detailed pics and let me know if you have any questions! Buy with Confidence!
  • Speed Reducer Gear Box
    GEAR BOX RATIO IS 1:19 OR FOR EVERY 19 RPM IN YOU GET 1 RPM OUTPUT. These gear box's were made for a U S manufacture and the 4 mounting holes on the top and bottom are 5/16"SAE thread. Also the input shaft is 3/4" X 1 1/2", output is 1" X 2". Overall height is 7". The weight is 17 pounds. WILL TAKE UP TO 2 HP. GONG JI CHANG CO. HAVE BEEN MAKING SPEED REDUCERS FOR 70 YEARS. HERE IS A NEW ONE AT 70% ...  More
  • BOSTON GEAR GEARBOX SPEED REDUCER, F724-10-B7-J, 10:1, 140TC input 1.125"d Shaft
    Boston Gear Speed Reducer F724-10-B7-J This unit is shelf surplus and ready for action!!! 10:1 Ratio Input Adapter 140TC Input HP 3.19 Output Torque 1069 In/Lbs Output Shaft 1.125"D x 2.375"L Weight: 32 lbs Check out the detailed pics and let me know if you have any questions! Buy with Confidence!
  • Winsmith 56C Worm Gear Speed Reducer, 100:1
    Winsmith Speed Reducer model E24MWNS062X0H0, NEMA 56C flange face for mounting 56C frame motors. 100:1 speed ratio, 5/8 input shaft, 1- output shaft, right or left side output. Comes with installation and operating instructions. This heavy duty speed reducer is brand new and cost over $800, but project fell through and need to sell. Great deal. Free UPS ground shipping in continental U.S. (48lbs s ...  More
    SEE WINSMITH PDF FOR COMPLETE SPECS. D90 TYPE SE MAX INPUT @ 1750 RPM: 0.118 HP OUTPUT TORQUE: 607 lb.inch SF: 1.0 INPUT BORE INSIDE DIAMETER 5/8" (625") with 3/16" (0.187") keyway OUTPUT SHAFT DIAMETER 1.00" with 1/4" (0.250") keyway
  • NEW!! Boston gear reducer 718-15-G, 15:1 ratio, can be 718-15-J, 71815G, Speed
    Boston gear reducer, NEW in box!! 718-15-G or 718-15-J, 15:1 ratio, keyed shaft input, solid output shaft, model 718, left hand output (but we could make this a 718-15-J right hand if you need us to), 71815G, 71815J, 718A, 718B, For more information call Mike Burvan @ 219-922-2668, or visit Our stock #R45 Ratio: 15:1 Center distance: 1.75" C-face size: N ...  More
  • Winsmith speed reducer 917MWN, 15:1 ratio, 56C, 917MWNS2100GC1. 917MDN, 175MWN
    Winsmith gear reducer 917MWNS2100GC1, 917MWNS21000C1, 15:1 ratio, 56C, double solid output shafts, 917MDN, 17MDN, 175MDN, 917MDT, 917MWU, 17MWU, 175MWU, model 917MWN, Winsmith speed reducer, assembly 2, double output, LR, can make into: 917MWNS41000C1, 917MWNS3100GC1, For more information call Mike Burvan @ 219-922-2668, or visit Our stock #R230 Ratio: 1 ...  More
  • SM-CYCLO CHHJ-6165DCY-841 UNSU - SPEED REDUCER 841 Ratio 0.68 HP 1750 RPM
    KEM # 007915 Manufacturer: SM-CYCLO Manufacturers ID: CHHJ-6165DCY-841 Condition: Unused Surplus Ratio: 841 RPM: 1750 HP: 0.68 Buyers must read and agree to the following terms, conditions, and disclosures before purchasing any item. Gearboxguys is not an authorized distributor for all of the brands listed above. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Any reference to the bran ...  More
  • Boston Gear reducer 715-40-H, 40:1 ratio, 315-4-H, 7154H, 3154H, Boston Speed, G
  • DAYTON 2Z934 Speed Reducer, C-Face, 56C, 29:1